Justine snapped this picture at our cousin Rosey's wedding :-)
Justine snapped this picture at our cousin Rosey’s wedding 🙂
Hi, I’m Cru –  A lifelong fan and student of photography,  I operate my photography business in the Central FL area. Dancing is my first love, but my Camera has kept me company for over 20 years. I haven’t added to my kit in quite some time and I operate off of an older MacBook Pro and White Vintage iMac.  There are some other photography goodies on my vision board, but I’ve learned to keep my tech obsessions at bay in the interest of saving money and carrying light in this one woman show of mine. A camera, a lens, a light and my subjects are all that is really needed to create a portrait or a life-long memory, which is my primary focus.
I am a Lover of Life, Animals, Music, Dance, People and this Planet. My reason for living and all I do are my children – Matthew, Jared & Sophia. I’ve also been blessed with a fabulous, large extended family which gets together quite frequently. I have 2 Yorkies (Lucky & Chewy) and a Tortoiseshell Cat (Phantom), whom are also the subjects of many of my photos. Last but certainly not least, is my sweetheart, my Love…Angel…whenever I get to sneak a shot of him – He keeps me sane, well-loved and thoroughly entertained.
As this blog develops, you’ll see photos of my family, friends and reference to my Puerto Rican Heritage, Music and beloved traditions & customs, dialect or como dicen – Spanglish o Ingles Estrujao. You may also get a peek into my thoughts & feelings about the issues that plague & divide us as a Human community and a variety of other things. What can I say, I  like to share….even my fries.
This is me. Let me photograph you.